ZyXEL MWR102. How to setup client mode.

Summary of client adapter mode setup:
1. Configure PC NIC with static IP address (e.g. /24).
2. Flip switch on MWR102 to AP mode.
3. Connect MWR102 to LAN Ethernet port.
4. Open browser and type in as address/URL.
5. Login in to MWR102 with “admin” and password (default is 1234).
6. Select: Wireless > Basic Settings.
7. Change Wireless Mode to “Client”, click Apply.
8. Select: Wireless > Site Survey.
9. Click Site Survey button.
10. Select the wireless network SSID you want to connect to, enter security settings (including pre-shared key).
11. Click Connect. If successful, will get “Connect Successfully” message.
12. Close browser window. Change PC NIC back to using DHCP to get IP address assignment (i.e. undo step #1 above).
13. The MWR102 is ready for use on this or any device you like, as long as it’s Ethernet connected to the MWR102.